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Chinese New Year Traditions In The Modern Age

The Chinese New Year is a fantastical celebration full of rich, vibrant culture and traditions. This celebration is also known as the Spring Festival, and remains the most important social and economic holiday in Chinese culture. It is a fifteen day celebration filled with food, family, and ancient traditions like; decorations, and spiritual cleansing. The […]

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Chinese New Year Overview

As an aspiring event planner and admirer of learning about different cultures, I chose to research the Chinese New Year. Going into the research behind the Chinese New Year, I knew almost nothing and learned a substantial amount, educating me about the types of celebratory cultures customary to China. Learning about traditions from other cultures provides […]

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Chinese New Year Food Culture

The culture and beliefs of a group of people dictate how they consume food and provide a framework on the etiquette and rituals surrounding food. This complex food tradition is also what we know as food culture. Studying food culture, will reveal the culture’s most important values and beliefs since food culture is practiced daily. […]

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