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The Spiritual World of Kung-fu Movies

I have written an essay about the supernatural aspects of martial arts in several Chinese films. Martial Arts I start off by writing about the ideas behind Chinese martial arts themselves, mainly how they are relevant to both body and spirit. They are about developing both and improving oneself for the sake of it and […]

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Observing the Dragon

The year is 1973, on a Saturday night. You and a couple of your high school friends decide to head out to the local movie theatre. All of you are eager to see what has only been described as the “action packed blockbuster of the year” by local classmates. You get to the theatre, buy […]

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Action in Inaction : The Role of Daoism in Chinese Martial Arts and Film

Abstract: “The Art of Action Through Inaction: The Role of Daoism in Chinese Martial Arts & Film” The belief that in order to understand the universe, you must first understand our bodies and movement is held widely among the Chinese. The Daoist believes that great power lies in the natural flow or the “dao” and […]

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