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Wu Xing, the Five Elements in Chinese Culture

Throughout COR 330 Gods, Ghosts, and Ancestors we looked at Chinese culture from the ancient starts of religion and god worship to the way the way that government and economy have affected these religions and the way that people worship their ancestors in the modern day. Many of the traditions of these ancient cultures have […]

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The Spiritual World of Kung-fu Movies

I have written an essay about the supernatural aspects of martial arts in several Chinese films. Martial Arts I start off by writing about the ideas behind Chinese martial arts themselves, mainly how they are relevant to both body and spirit. They are about developing both and improving oneself for the sake of it and […]

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San Francisco Chinatown Revealed: Tourists Deprived of Raw Culture

“There are more things in San Francisco’s Chinatown than are dreamed of in Heaven and earth…In reality there are three parts of Chinatown — the part the guides show you, the parts the guides don’t show you, and the part that no one ever hears of” (Rast, 29) Normally when tourists come to San Francisco, […]

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