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China, or Chinese diaspora communities

Strange Love

For a semester, an exchange student’s life is taken for a roller coaster of a journey, from the highs of love to the lows of near death, the narrator John leads us through a harrowing time in his life. The project that I’ve written is a first person narrative in the style of a post […]

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Martial Arts and Religion in China

In the western world religion and culture are often seen as two separate but related things. Nowhere is this less true than in China. Contrary to culture in the west, Chinese popular religion and Chinese popular culture are in many ways one and the same. The concept of “religion” as it has been seen in […]

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Wu Xing, the Five Elements in Chinese Culture

Throughout COR 330 Gods, Ghosts, and Ancestors we looked at Chinese culture from the ancient starts of religion and god worship to the way the way that government and economy have affected these religions and the way that people worship their ancestors in the modern day. Many of the traditions of these ancient cultures have […]

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