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China, or Chinese diaspora communities

“Path of Immortality”: Commentary on a Short Story of Chinese Fox Spirits

“Path of Immortality” was a story made out of the idea of combining a bunch of themes of Chinese stories, such as the ones found in Pu Songling’s Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, with my own current-day themes. One of the most common themes was that the main character was in some way foolish, […]

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Chinese Festivals in the Order of the Lunar Year

My project is about Chinese Festivals and how they are celebrated in China. I decided to go with a pamphlet like format as I wanted to be able to provide an easy to read, yet informative, display with a lot of picture so that the reader could get a better feel for the festivals and […]

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Ghosts in Chinese Films

Dolan Metcalf COR 330- Gods, Ghosts, and Ancestors Abstract Noonan   Character names and descriptions- When naming the characters, I tried to find something that either sounded “right” for the character or something that meant something. For example, Zeng and Lei were not named after anything in particular but they way the names sounded seemed […]

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Chinese New Year Traditions In The Modern Age

The Chinese New Year is a fantastical celebration full of rich, vibrant culture and traditions. This celebration is also known as the Spring Festival, and remains the most important social and economic holiday in Chinese culture. It is a fifteen day celebration filled with food, family, and ancient traditions like; decorations, and spiritual cleansing. The […]

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Chinese New Year Overview

As an aspiring event planner and admirer of learning about different cultures, I chose to research the Chinese New Year. Going into the research behind the Chinese New Year, I knew almost nothing and learned a substantial amount, educating me about the types of celebratory cultures customary to China. Learning about traditions from other cultures provides […]

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