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Chechen Youth

The Chechen Youth photograph. Looking at this photograph, there was something about this picture that really caught on my attention. Going into the subject of reflection of this assignment, I went back to my common app assignment and looked at the questions that came to mind. When I first looked at this photograph the few […]

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Picture of a Chechen youth

This picture of a Chechen youth is a singular representation of a larger group of Muslim Caucasian peoples who fought in a succession of bloody wars in the Caucuses region in the mid 1800’s (Richmond). During and after these wars, segments of the Chechen population coupled with a greater Muslim Caucuses diaspora were forced to […]

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Artifact Analysis : Chechen Youth

  This as apiece is a fairly standard portrait. Its probably a lithograph, which is an older printing method that allows an artist to do a drawing by hand then transfer it over to a press, in order to create multiples. The tonal quality suggests that is a print made with the use of halftones. […]

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