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Boutey Vodou: Ode to the Crazy

In my core 330 class, shaking the spirits, we had to create our own Vodou related art project. Our canvas was a bottle; because of the significance bottles have in Vodou. They are symbolic of many things. Bottles can physically hold, contain, transport, and share things. These physical attributes of the bottle are metaphorical symbols […]

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Boutey Offering for Gede

When looking at an empty bottle, most don’t see a purpose or a significance to the object. An empty bottle represents a storage container for a substance which has been used or devoured. But what happens when the bottle is repurposed? Given a new use, a new role or function as storage for a different […]

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Gender Roles in the Afro-Caribbean World

For my paper I looked at the gender roles of the Afro-Caribbean world. I found it particularly interesting because in a patriarchal society, gender didn’t seem to make much of an impact. Religion is deeply woven into society and the cultures of this region.  The religions in this region are very personal and pragmatic.  This […]

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