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The Humor of the Sea

When you are trying to understand an ancient culture, a great place to start is their diet. An understanding of a culture’s diet can give great insights into the philosophy, economy, and influence of a culture. One of the most common food sources for the Byzantines was fish and seafood, which comes as no surprise […]

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Advancements of the Byzantine Empire

Like the Romans and Greeks before them, Byzantine society was very sophisticated. There were theaters, competitions, large feasts and a high level of social interaction. Many new styles of architecture and warfare also emerged from the Byzantine’s. There were also amenities in personal life such as baths, drinking fountains and toilets that did not require […]

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Trends in Byzantine and Ottoman Government Forms

Nathan Gobes 4/17/15 Prof. Kite Istanbul   Throughout my essays for my COR-330-07 class, Istanbul, I have been examining the governmental structure within Constantinople both during the Byzantine era, and the Ottoman era in which the city was renamed to Istanbul. While the Byzantines and the Ottomans shared similarities in their governmental structures, each culture […]

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