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Guan Yin: The Goddess of Compassion

Sierra DiMartino COR-330-13 Abstract Om Mani Padme Hum, “the jewels of consciousness has reached the heart lotus”, this is the mantra thousands of people recite in a time of need and to channel healing energy and a sense of calmness. This mantra calls upon the Chinese Buddhist Goddess of Compassion, Guan Yin. Guan Yin is […]

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This graceful and serene sculpture depicts Guanyin, one of the most popular of all Bodhisattvas, whose name literally means 'the one who always hears sounds'. Known in China as 'the compassionate Bodhisattva', who listens to every prayer, Guanyin was often placed behind the main Buddha image in a temple. This figure was almost certainly made for a temple in Shaanxi province in northern China. Guanyin's altar surround probably took the form of a rocky grotto related to the throne of rocks he sits on. The fine carving and beautiful surface decoration lend the image its power, while the layers of pigment reveal interesting scientific and historical detail.

Journey to the South: A Video Game About Guanyin and Compassion

Journey to the South is a proposed video game about the figure of Guanyin. The goal of this project is to explore compassion and religion in video games and virtual reality storytelling. The name is a reference to Journey to the West, an epic, part of Chinese classic literature in which Guanyin features prominently as a character.

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Journey to the West: Seventeen Years of Saving Xuanzang’s life, and all I got was Buddhahood?

Christopher St. Pierre As a game programmer, games are naturally one of my passions. And when I saw that the only games based off of Journey to the West were from the Dragon Ball series, I decided to take a crack at being a game designer. The seventeen year long journey undertaken by Xuanzang in […]

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Mindfulness Meditation

I will discuss in this abstract piece about, the origin of mindfulness, the practice and effects of this practice, how it became popular in America, and how is now on the rise in China. Mindfulness today is believed to have widespread effects on human behavior in which it may impact both one’s mental and physical […]

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