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JUSTIN ALAPAKI FERNANDEZ HE WA‘A NO LEGBA – BOUTEY VODOU –2017 Glass bottle, burlap canvas, rope string, mirror, cork This piece explores and celebrates similarities between the island cultures of Haiti and Hawai‘i through the idea of traversing the vast ocean. Every journey has its beginnings and endings, and end of these points is a […]

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The God Bottle

This bottle is an interesting culmination of my experience with voodoo. The front is adorned with an upside down skull and crossed chopsticks. This is my take on the voodoo tradition of binding forks and spoons into the shape of a cross. The upside down skull is a representation of gede, a god of death […]

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Modern Marvel (Haitian Vodou Bottle Project)

  The word Voodoo conjures images of zombies and witch doctors, black magic and bone charms, but if you were to ask someone what Vodou meant, they would probably tell you that you misspelled Voodoo. Vodou is the religion that American cinema spun into all of the things that you picture when you think Voodoo. […]

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