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cultures and human interactions across and around borders, including national borders, internal borders between ethnic groups, etc.

Art on the US/Mexico Border

Oscar Monroy uses photography as his medium of choice to show life on/near/ or next to the US/Mexico Border. With the fence being typically the underlying message in nearly all his work. Does the artist use the border as an omni-  presence that surrounds everyday life around the border? His photos are a must see […]

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Border Story

This is a story about a 16 year old boy discussing his life in the colonia’s of Tijuana, Mexico. First off his father is almost always working in the United States. The father only comes home every once in a while and does not stay for more than a week. Although he sends money back […]

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Bursting the Maquiladora Bubble with Human Rights

“They’re takin’ are jobs!” shout American xenophobes everywhere, fearing the invasion of cheap Mexican labor into the United States. Meanwhile, U.S. citizens are moving across the border in droves, whether as a daily commute or to establish residency, trying to get their slice of the lucrative pie that is the border region’s maquiladora industry. Maquiladoras […]

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Interior Design: A Crossroads of Culture

When researching a region with such distinct gaps in socioeconomic privilege, it is all but instinctual to perform anthropological studies of the poor, assuming that the wealthy have no cultural distinctions from any other upper echelon of society. For my Border Stories Project, however, I work to shatter the assumption that the rich aren’t worth […]

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