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Hungry Ghost Rituals and Beliefs

Mulian’s mother, – a wealthy woman at the time – who committed the gravest sin of refusing to donate food to the Buddhist monks, is karmically reborn in the lowest level of Buddhist hell. Where unfortunate souls are left to suffer in anguish for all eternity.  One day, as Mulian is praying, he notices that […]

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Exploring Fox Spirits

I wanted to dive a little deeper into the belief and understanding of fox spirits, but I didn’t simply want to do a research paper. One of my favorite texts from the Gods, Ghosts, Ancestors course was Pu Songling’s Strange Tales. So I thought to myself, “Why not mix my major in with my core project and […]

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The Four Great Folktales of China

  I only knew a small grasp of Chinese culture and beliefs, which inhibited me from clearly understanding Chinese folklore and religions. Studying more into the culture, I found that Chinese folklore is rich with many ghost stories and tales that reflect the beliefs of the region. There are so many in fact, that to […]

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