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Common Assignment: Sharing Stage – Ben Follett

For my final project in Tourism and Ethnicity in China, I will be writing an academic paper discussing the Bai ethnic group. I will be going into depth on many different aspects of their culture and connecting it to discussions and lectures we have had in our CORE class. Some smaller aspects of the Bai […]

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Ethnicity and Tourism of the Bai People

For my final project I researched the minority people known as the Bai. The Bai people can be found throughout many regions of China, but “reside almost entirely in Yunnan, mainly in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture” (McCarthy 14) where they are the second largest minority nationality in the province (McCarthy 102). Though they live […]

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Bai Spirituality and Religion

There are currently about 1,858,063 Bai people living in China today. They are heavily concentrated in the southwestern Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province in Dali. They are surrounded by the Erhai Lake (Li). The Bai can also be found in Bijie area in the Province of Guizhou as well as in the Sangzhi are in […]

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