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Vergangenheitsbewältigung – Have you Forgotten?

1945 announced the end of the Holocaust, a tragic time in history that has actually been made illegal to deny the occurrence of in Germany[5]. Andreas Maislinger has played a major role in today’s events to commemorate and maintain awareness of the travesties of the holocaust by having founded the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service and […]

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Memories of Mauthausen: How the Complicity of Everyday Austrians Contributed to the Holocaust and Nazi Regime

  The Austrian concentration camp Mauthausen was located in Upper Austria, 12.5 miles from Linz. It was operated by the Nazi party from 1938 until its’ liberation in 1945, and was an extermination site as well as a forced labor camp. Mauthausen primarily imprisoned Austrian, German, and Soviet political prisoners, as well as those deemed […]

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