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Having to do with the cultures created in the Caribbean by people of African descent

Boutey Offering for Gede

When looking at an empty bottle, most don’t see a purpose or a significance to the object. An empty bottle represents a storage container for a substance which has been used or devoured. But what happens when the bottle is repurposed? Given a new use, a new role or function as storage for a different […]

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Modern Marvel (Haitian Vodou Bottle Project)

  The word Voodoo conjures images of zombies and witch doctors, black magic and bone charms, but if you were to ask someone what Vodou meant, they would probably tell you that you misspelled Voodoo. Vodou is the religion that American cinema spun into all of the things that you picture when you think Voodoo. […]

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Spirit in a bottle

Khalid Rizvi COR-330-08 Common Assignment: Sharing Stage   A brief discussion of bottles/vessels and their role in Vodou – revisit the McAlister article and your class notes about bottles – Why bottles?  What do bottles mean in Vodou?  What are they used for?     “Decorated bottles are common to vodou, being a combination of […]

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Bottle of Vodou

    Bottle of Vodou My Bottle project is the Bottle for the Haitian Vodou Lwa Bossou. So, Bossou is the bull god of Haitian religion. He belongs to the Petwo nation, an indigenously Haitian category of hot and violent divinities. He is often associated with war and fighting and is not a very reliable […]

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