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Having to do with the cultures created in the Caribbean by people of African descent

Santeria and Palo Mayombe in the US Correctional System

The United Stated Correctional System is blind to the practices and nature of the Santeria and Palo Mayombe religions. There are approximately 5,000 Cubans incarcerated in the United States that practice this Caribbean religion. The purpose of my project is to shed light on how the Unites States Correctional System views this religion and its […]

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Afro-Cuban Media Proposal: Me You & Eshu

Final Project Abstract Me, You & Eshu Television Series Treatment The Assignment: Students were prompted to come up with a proposal for a project of some sort of expressive communication that allows them to familiarize an American audience with Afro-Cuban religions and culture. We’re at a point in history where it would be beneficial for […]

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Boutey Gede and Bawon Samedi

Michael O’Dea Core-330-04 12/14/15 Boutey Gede and Bawon Samedi             In Haitian Vodou bottles represent many important facets of the religion as well as the culture. Bottles are containers by design and this literal function has been repurposed to embody many spiritual ideas. Bottles can serve as offerings to a specific deity, or Lwa, with […]

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The God Bottle

This bottle is an interesting culmination of my experience with voodoo. The front is adorned with an upside down skull and crossed chopsticks. This is my take on the voodoo tradition of binding forks and spoons into the shape of a cross. The upside down skull is a representation of gede, a god of death […]

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