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The Tourism Industry in the EU

Tourism is, on the whole, an underappreciated industry. Tourists are more or less tolerated by the inhabitants of the cities and countries that they visit, but they really are a necessary part of today’s society. Tourism “brings social inclusion and understanding in a way no other industry does” (Gollan). Not only is this important for […]

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Pending Ukrainian EU Membership

Pending Ukrainian EU Membership European Neighborhood Policy Eastern Partnership are advertised to achieving collective values in the area of economics and security in post Soviet states. Shared concepts of democracy, laws, and human rights are the central aspects of the policy. Most notable would be the altered framework necessary for a market based economy to flourish. Steps to membership […]

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Pornography Penetrating the European Union

Pornography is a growing trend that is strongly correlated with the use and availability of the internet, increasing amounts of leisure time and increasingly blurred lines between pornographic material and mainstream culture. Pornography’s penetration into the European culture effects the EU’s economy, law, politics and culture; as well as it’s image. Ultimately, the consumption, content […]

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