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Socialism in Scandinavia– Cultural or Political?

When discussing the political systems in successful Nordic countries (ie. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland), typical rhetoric describes each of these countries as “socialist” or as part of a system called “democratic socialism.” Yet a cursory search about the details of these political systems brings the reader to various news and opinion pieces about […]

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European Union Relations with Russia

For this research project I looked at the relationship between the Eurpean Union and Russia. Along with this, I discuss how the relationship has been affected by events such as the Ukraine, Brexit, and other various countries. The result of current issues in the Ukraine have stemmed from pressure from both the European Union and […]

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Background and comparison of how Scandinavia handles its socialism

Scandinavian countries are the northern countries within Europe.  They consist of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and sometimes Finland and Iceland are considered to be a part of Scandinavia as well. different in terms of how they operate.  Currently, the countries that are within Scandinavia are seen as well off and healthy compared to the rest of […]

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