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Architectural Movements in Vienna, Austria

Otto Wagner was a strongly influential Austrian Architect and important member of a movement called the Vienna Secession, which can be summarized by a movement aiming to break artistic rules or disrupting identity through modernism as a protest against the Ringstraße.  The Ringstraße, also called The Ring Road, is a boulevard circling around the city […]

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Matamoros and the Tamaulipas Region

My topic for this assignment was about the city of Matamoros, in a Mexican state called Tamaulipas.  I noticed in class that most of the locations we discussed were towards the eastern side of America, so I went on Google Maps and looked for cities along the US-Mexico border that we either did not mention […]

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The Uyghur People and Tourism

I chose to research the Uyghurs because in one of the readings there was a graph showing the interactions of minorities interacting with the Hans.  It displayed the Uyghurs as the only ethnic minority that was classified as hostile towards the Hans and were unwilling to be assimilated into the Han culture.  The tension between […]

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