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Boutey Gede and Bawon Samedi

Michael O’Dea Core-330-04 12/14/15 Boutey Gede and Bawon Samedi             In Haitian Vodou bottles represent many important facets of the religion as well as the culture. Bottles are containers by design and this literal function has been repurposed to embody many spiritual ideas. Bottles can serve as offerings to a specific deity, or Lwa, with […]

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Dynastic Marriages and Incest in the House of Habsburg

Michael O’Dea Core-330-10 12/4/15 Dynastic Marriages in the House of Habsburg The House of Habsburg is one of the most prolific royal dynasties in European history; however, it originated from relatively unlikely circumstances and thrived using rather peculiar tactics. In the year 1273 Rudolf of Habsburg was elected King of Germany as somewhat of an […]

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