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Analysis of “The Gallows” – A Short Story that Misses Its Own Point

“The Gallows” is a short story written by Suhayr al-Tall.  It is featured in the compiled novel Arab Women Writers.  In it, the author narrates ‘your’ journey from a dark space (‘you’ being the character in the story to whom the author is speaking, and not necessarily the reader), through a crowded space, and finally […]

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Daoshi – A Game Involving Daoist Exorcism

Overview Daoshi is a puzzle driven 3D exploration game, where players take control of a local Zhengyi Daoshi (a Daoist priest who performs rituals from his home) who has been asked to diagnose a case of bad luck and illness in a local middle-class house, whose owners believe they have somehow angered a ghost.  Players […]

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