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An Ode to Arcade Fire- Voodoo Bottle

KAYLA ARENA AN ODE TO ARCADE FIRE– 2017 Glass bottle, multi-sized reflective gemstones, paper, washi tape Inspired by Arcade Fire, the indie-rock band based in Montreal, Canada. Regine Chassagne, a member of Arcade Fire, has roots in Haiti. Through Arcade Fire’s lyrical and visual art, it is evident that they are galvanized through the Haitian […]

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Education of the Divided: How Education Looks Across the Regions of Peru

The region of Peru is a divided country. Broken up into three regions, these areas face contrasting challenges. Many indigenous communities reside in the mountain region, which creates a tremendous barrier due to the obstruction by the Andes Mountains. Native people living in the rural mountains of Peru endure frequent obstacles when it comes to […]

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