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The 5 “P’s” of Afro-Creole Religions: A White Paper

To the untrained eye, the practices of Santeria and other Afro-Creole religions like Palo Mayombe and Vodou appear to be sinister and otherworldly. In an attempt to diffuse these negative stereotypes would like to propose a whitepaper that can be used accessible via a suitable website on Afro-Cuban religion. The white paper will overview the five […]

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CHINATOWN, NYC: An Ethnic Enclave Forged by Collectivism

For my final project I decided to explore the history behind New York City’s Chinatown, and explore the factors that contributed to its creation and inclusion in one of the worlds most culturally diverse cities. I had found that religious sites had served an integral role in supporting the immigrant community, and drew parallels between […]

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