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The Magdalene Laundries

Hari Luitel Professor Farrell COR-330-16 April 26, 2017 The Magdalene Laundries For my Irish Women and Drama class project, I’m proposing to write a research paper on how the women in the Magdalene Laundries were treated by the Catholic Church. I choose this topic because we watched and reviewed Irish movies, plays, and pieces of […]

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Hagia Sophia’s Material and Aesthetic View

Hari Luitel Professor Kite COR-330-13 April 13, 2017 Hagia Sophia’s Material and Aesthetic View Religious building is among the most beautiful and the most enduring achievements of mankind.This building have the passions and complexities of a religious belief been commonly expressed in architecture. In this paper I will provide evidence to why architectures have use […]

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