Sara Gómez Biopic Treatment


Working Title: Through the Eyes of Sara Gómez

Genre: Biopic/Drama

Duration: 90 minutes

Target Audience: 17-35 Male/Female. Feminists, Afro-Cubans, filmmakers, documentary and drama enthusiasts

Outline: The first act will entail Sara as a young ethnography, music and film student. The second act will entail Sara as an apprentice documentary filmmaker from the early 60’s to the early 70s. The third act will entail Sara Gómez directing her first feature film, One Way or Another, before her untimely death from an acute asthma attack in 1974.

Main Character: Sara Gómez, age 18, Afro-Cubans, female, filmmaker. She is determined to use film to show pride in her heritage and Cuban culture, regardless of those who say otherwise.

Visual Elements:

  • Blackmagic cinema camera
  • Adobe Suite
  • Florescent lighting kits
  • Setting: Cuba(possibly film in Jamaica/Florida)
  • Props: 8mm camera
  • Costume: authentic 1970’s Cuban garments
  • Actors: 5 Main, 50 extra

Audio Elements:

  • Soundtrack by Celia Cruz
  • Sound FX and foley


Primary and Secondary Sources:

Primary: Sara Gómez’s next of kin


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Requirements and Resources:

  • Passports
  • Production Assistants and grips
  • Producer
  • Assistant Director
  • Translators
  • Hotel fair

Constraints and Contingency: Filming permits in a country as visitors, language barriers between cast and crew

Legal and Ethical Situations: Properly representing the legacy of a dead woman, portraying Afro-Cuban traditions in an authentic manner, hiring actors that are of Afro-Cuban ethnicity for proper representation, portraying Santeria in an accurate manner

Budget: $500,000