Sounds of Amman


The artifact analysis I have done is the Sounds of Amman, and after listening to the track again and again I realized beauty of the Quran reading mushed all together with city mess. The messy sound of the traffic in the background reminded me of Ramadan right before the Maghreb adhan where people in a rush try to be with family for Eftar. Ramadan days are completely different especially in most of the Islamic countries. Also, Ramadan is a peaceful and how people are not allowed to swear or argue with each other.

I analyzed the sound based on my background as an Arab and a Muslim were we have a lot in common such as language, religion and part of the culture. One of the things that caught my attention the first time I listen to sound clip was the sound projected to the whole city which made me wondering why. In most of the Islamic countries Adahn and the prayer is the only part that could be projected to the whole city, but no reading of the Quran. I have never been in Jordan so that made me think maybe reading the Quran out-load or projecting it to the city for people to hear is a part of the culture.

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