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For my artifact analysis I talked about a variety different objects  that were drawn on the ceramic mugs. Another point I spoke was about was the rate at which she drew on these particular objects. She seemed to draw a lot of fish and hawks on all the mugs. I went into how significant the fish is in regards to Islam and Christianity. Both Islam and Christianity are similar in many ways. I wrote about how the fish is an important aspect of christianity because Jesus and his disciples would mark places with fish symbols, to show where they would meet next. In many predominantly Islamic nations the hawk is prevalent on their coat of arms, especially in the gulf region. In Jordan the King sometimes has a Hawk on his shoulder when he is involved in a formal ceremony. In the Quran the hawk symbolizes strength and power. Overall because of what the women was drawing it was concluded that this women was designing these mugs for a special festival.

3 thoughts on “Artifact Analysis

  1. Noah Roulat

    The importance placed on symbols in both Christianity and Islam reminds me of the place symbols hold in Chinese culture. Animal symbolism is popular among almost all cultures, one that we focused on extensively in class was the fox. People who lived in Ancient China believed that foxes could shifts forms. The symbols you mention are different because they are revered for the historical place they hold in the culture. Foxes were not held in as high of regards in China because foxes were considered tricksters with ulterior motives. Overall, it is interesting to get a look into the different ways that animals were personified throughout different cultures and times.

  2. Danielle Samter

    Though I am much less familiar with the symbolism and art of Islam and Christianity, my own project was art based. I created a Boutey Vodou honoring the Vodou Lwa, or spirit, Danbala. Similar to your artifact analysis I attempted to incorporate as many symbols of Vodou and Danbala into my piece. For example, where you say fish and hawks are deeply represented in these religious cultures I utilized reflective material and the ocean; both of which represent the unseen and the spirit world in Vodou. Danbala himself is a great snake so I literally portrayed him with clay, wrapped around my bottle.

  3. Douglas Abbiss

    That’s fascinating that you can trace these symbols through history in the archeological record. That is particularly interesting for the Islamic artifacts as that is an aspect I haven’t been exposed to. I had no idea about the cultural significance of the hawk.


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