Sounds Of Amman

       For my artifact analysis I was given the choice of three different artifacts to deeply analyze. The artifact that I chose was an Mp3 recording of an ominous sounding environment. It sounded as if there was a man singing off in the distance, but with a subtle white noise that sounds like it was being recorded from a device. Throughout the Mp3 recording, traffic and people can be heard slightly in the background. The main assignment was to formulate one question to base our paper off of. My question about the sound recording was, “What is the significance of this audio clip?”

        Throughout my paper I state my three hypotheses as to why this audio clip was presented as an artifact. The first thought that came to my head when listening to this Mp3 clip was; this must have been captured on a tape recorder. Throughout the clip I could hear cars, birds, slight breaths, and what sounds like clunking of a tape recorder. My first hypothesis stated that this was a tape recording of Jordan’s environment. I believe that this clip was given as a choice to the class for us to analyze the sounds of Amman, the capital of Jordan. I’m guessing that this was Amman because of all the vehicle sounds and beeping cars, Amman is the most populated city in Jordan.  

        My most plausible argument pertains to the national religion of Jordan. Although Jordan welcomes all religions, the majority of Jordanians are Sunni Muslim. Throughout this course, we learned that muslims sometimes sing prayers of worship. In this audio clip, the man singing sounds like he is using a microphone to project his voice into a big space. I believe that this could be a recording of a time of prayer in Jordan.  

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  1. Meghan Keefe

    I’m taking “Life” in the Amazon COR 330-10. It’s interesting that you are talking about the noises of Amman, Jordan. We often talked about the serenity of the Amazon Rainforest and why un-contacted and indigenous tribes prefer the stillness of the world. We have found through our research and readings that nature is apart of their culture, similar to the way prayer time is to the Sunni Muslims. Nature is important to them because of herbs, medicine, and resources that the Amazon offers them.
    If there was a MP3 player in Yasuni National Park there would be a variety of noises, depending on where it is. For example, Yasuni has started oil drilling, which can be noisy. Which is also the topic of my paper. Or it could be tribal leaders and members singing and dancing. Also, it could be the sounds of the nearly 600 birds that occupy Yasuni National Park, which is 44% of the Amazon’s bird population. It’s interesting how a place is just as important to the culture as the people who practice the culture are.


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