Artifact Analysis: Circassian Kitchen

Alexander Twombly


Core 330

Artifact Analysis

Circassian kitchen:


Gender roles in jordan have been a very common topic that has been discussed in class recently. As we have talked about in class women are treated very differently in jordan than in the United States. I think that this picture does represent the roles of women in jordanian culture for a few reasons. I don’t know the full context of the picture so I don’t know what exactly is going on in it. They could be cooking for a restaurant Or they could be cooking for a special cultural event. It looks like they are cooking some sort of pastry like food that is probably stuffed with something. It could possibly be Haliva which is a traditional Circassian food that is usually stuffed with potatoes or cheese.

One reason why I think this photo may show some gender roles in Jordanian and more specifically  Circassian culture is that it appears that there are only women working in this kitchen. I do not know if this is normal for jordanian restaurants or not. In my experiences working in kitchens in the united states there were usually more men than women working in them. One question I have is is this a kitchen for a traditional circassian restaurant or are they cooking for a religious or cultural event?

Another thing I noticed about this image is that they are all wearing hijabs or a similar type of head covering. This makes me think that they could be doing some kind of traditional dinner. All of the women in the foreground of the picture seem to be older with one younger looking woman in the background. Maybe they could be training her to  cook their traditional dish.

I think that this picture could represent gender roles in Jordan. I do not know what the context of this picture was , but I can assume that the woman are cooking some sort of traditional circassian dish.

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  1. Caitlin Bain

    This is an interesting analysis. You ask some great questions. In one of my core classes, the arab spring, we also discussed and explored various gender roles throughout the Arab world and culture. A lot of these societies are definitely more patriarchal and women play more traditional roles, like cooking and cleaning and staying home with the family. However after the various uprisings over the past several years, some countries are definitely integrating women more and more into society, which is great.


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