Chechen Youth Sent to Battle?

For my artifact I went with the image of the Chechen youth. The reason that I went with this image is that it had the potential for a thousand words, but I am not given a thousand words to describe my analysis of this photo. In this photo I ended up going with breaking it down piece by piece with the observations that I had of the young man. Wearing the common headdress of anyone living out in the desert, they would wear that head scarf to protect themselves from the strength and heat of the sun to ensure that it would keep it off of their head. I noticed how the young man had a gun or a rifle in his hands, and paired that with the look of emotions or lack there of on his face.

When I saw in the picture that the boy didn’t exactly look too pleased to be in the photo, it put a thought across my mind, whether he was being sent off to a fight, at a young age of probably 25, when in fact he did not truly want to go out and fight. It is known that when a country does not have a strong fighting military, they send out younger aged men to fight in the skirmishes and battles. This brought to mind just how much of a struggle the Chechen army and people must have. Despite noting how the young boy did not look thrilled to be in the photo with the head garb and the rifle, his positioning and his posture showed maturity and pride, as though he was posing in a photo for his people and his country. This fact or my personal belief, makes the photograph a very powerful one at that. One must always look deeper than just the surface when it comes to pictures, because simply seeing what the main picture is, will not give you an idea of what really may have of been going on at the time.

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