The Importance of Armenian Folk Music

My artifact analysis focused on an Armenian folk song performed by the Jordan Armenian Choir. Unfortunately, I can’t understand the song, but to me the tone of the song conveys feelings of suffering while also displaying Armenian tradition.

Folk music is meant to convey a culture’s traditional roots to music and philosophy. What this made me realize is that the culture of one’s nationality has everything to do with how they define certain forms of media. In other words, while the song sounds nothing like American folk artists, such as Bob Dylan, it is still folk music. It interprets traditional Armenian culture.

Armenian history has been plagued with tragedy. The Armenian Genocide, which began in 1915, has completely altered the Armenian way of life. When comparing this song to an Armenian film that was presented in class titled My Name is Aram, it is clear that the events of the Armenian Genocide have left a group of people with a feeling of loss and suffering for ages to come. It became evident that the stories of Armenian ancestors were of great importance to their descendants.

This song, and Armenian folk music in general, is a pillar to making the connection that although we may be part of a global community, we all have different beginnings which should be acknowledged and validated. Cultural interpretations of art will always differ. This fact cannot be helped. What can be helped is opening our eyes and trying to understand how two different cultures can produce works that can be categorized the same way, in this case folk music, but convey two completely different feelings.

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