Egypt Today: The Revolution Continues


For the most part, the Egyptian revolution of 2011 has come to a standstill. The April 6 Youth Movement, however, is still actively protesting. From their 2008 labor strike,to their involvement in the 2011 revolution, to the current protests against the imprisonment of their members, the April 6 Youth Movement is still fighting. This shows that there are still youths in Egypt who are willing to stand up for their rights.

After the 2011 revolution the April 6 Youth Movement remained an active group and participated in protests against the new regime in 2013. On the 6th of April, 2013, the movement rallied protesters to protest against President Mohamed Morsi’s regime. On May 10th, 2013, when Ahmed Maher returned from a conference in the U.S. and was immediately arrested in the Cairo airport.Though he was released right after it still prompted the movement to join the Rebel Movement campaign and to collect “signatures for a petition calling for a vote of no-confidence in the administration of President Mohamed Morsi.” In December of 2013 Ahmed Maher, April 6 Youth Movement member Mohamed Adel and the long-time activist Ahmed Douma were all sentenced to three years in jail and a fine. They are still in jail today and the April 6 Youth Movement continues to protest this on their facebook.

The April 6 Youth Movement Facebook Page is a good source, as it is still active, to see what the movement is doing in real time. The page is updated every month with the names of victims of the Egyptian justice system and with links to related articles.  Ahram Online is another good source as it gives a comprehensive report on the 2013 April 6th protests. This website also hosts both an informative article on the petition rallies and an article on why the movement joined the rallies.The article on the 2013 protests listed important events by the time in which they happened, as well as listing events from multiple locations, allowing the reader to build a timeline on how the protests developed, while the article on the petition rallies describes the scope of the rallies and issues faced. By looking at these websites one can see how the April 6 Youth Movement has remained active well after 2011, and that it’s unlikely for them to stop protesting any time soon.


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Student Author: Kyra Daniels is a third year Game Art and Animation student at Champlain College.

Faculty Evaluator: Rob Williams, Ph.D., Champlain College Faculty Advisor.

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