Qi Gong

        Have you ever seen the martial art in Brazil, Capoeira, that combines elements of dance and music? Have you ever seen the martial art in Japan, Karate? Have you ever seen the martial art in Korea, Taekwondo? In my project, a research paper, I search for the special Chinese martial art, QiGong. The reason why I said it is special is that it literally is not a way to fight against people. Unlike other forms of martial arts, QiGong doesn’t teach people how to fight, but help people to exercise their bodies and minds in China.

        Nowadays, people might have misunderstanding or underestimation on QiGong, this is causing fewer and fewer people who are willing to practice QiGong. In the Japanese animation, Dragon Balls, the characters are also using Qi. Apparently, the real Qi is not as powerful as that. Qi is not something you can actually see, but it is a type of energy flowing around us. What exactly is QiGong? Real Qi can refer to vital energy or life energy flowed anywhere in the universe while Gong can refer to a skill. To put Qi and Gong together, makes them meaning that a skill to cultivate a person’s life energy. Rather than describe QiGong as a martial art, there are more people label it as a health care system in ancient China.

        In ancient China, there was not a complete or decent health care system. As a health care system, it doesn’t cure a patient directly like medicine does. It is only treated as a complementary of medicine. It will help the practitioners to build their body. QiGong is different from the exercise in the west, where westerners are focusing on building muscular strength. This is also the main trend of training purpose in modern days.

        By now, you might think QiGong is so useless because it doesn’t teach people how to fight and it doesn’t cure disease. Why would we bother to learn it? There are something that QiGong could achieve and others couldn’t. I mentioned it earlier, it can help people to relax. As a college student, especially a third year college student, we might feel a lot of pressure from many different directions, big things such as we need to find a job or an internship now, we need to pay the loan after we graduate, little things like we might fail a quiz or an exam. When people are getting older and older, we always feel the pressure are always by our side. In this case, Qi Gong is really useful. When people practice QiGong, they regulate their mind to have less stress or relax, and increase the awareness at the moment, so that they could get into a state of pure consciousness.

        People who practice QiGong focuses on three things, which are body postures, breathing, and mental state. People must do all three things correctly, otherwise, the practice won’t have too much effort.

        Have you ever felt stress? Have you ever felt pain in the body? Come take a look at Qi Gong. It will be good for you!

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