2 thoughts on “My Day in Dali

  1. Adeline Park

    I really like how you made a video diary of your personal experience in Dali, its like you’re telling a story. Which is more interesting than a research paper. You bring the pictures to life as you describe what going on and also with your enunciation. We’ve discussed how the tourists take pictures without asking the people and how it’s become the norm so it was nice to see how you incorporated the class discussions into the video. I wonder if you found information on how tourist has impacted the Dali? What was the community like? What about the other tourists around you? Did you see/ do anything that we’ve discussed in class what tourist end up doing?

  2. Kellie Coakley

    I think it was a very unique and creative way to compete this project. I like how you went into great detail about each step of your day. It was easy to feel as though I was right along with you, as you explained how long the plane ride was and what the local people wore for clothing. I liked the story about the legend of the Dragon’s in Dali’s swamp, it reminded me of many of the stores we read in our Strange Tales book for my Ghosts, Gods and Ancestors class. Many of China’s folktales involve Dragons. You also brought up a good point when pondering the idea of what it would look like without the impact of tourists.


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