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  Throughout history, the development of architectural techniques and ideologies have evolved dramatically on global scale. Not surprisingly, nations have used their architectural designs effectively to express their technical and structural skills. Additionally, architecture may also be used as a lens to understand societies: socially, economically, and politically; we can use architecture to better analyze […]

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Thonet Bentwood Furniture in Vienna and the World

Michael Thonet and his sons are known for their innovations in bending wood, leading to stylistic chairs and furniture that have touched the world and in particular, the Austrian capital of Vienna. Thonet’s designs are distinctly modern, they’ve appealed to aristocrats, café owners, and famous Viennese architects alike. His company, the Thonet Brothers, made an achievement […]

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Advancements of the Byzantine Empire

Like the Romans and Greeks before them, Byzantine society was very sophisticated. There were theaters, competitions, large feasts and a high level of social interaction. Many new styles of architecture and warfare also emerged from the Byzantine’s. There were also amenities in personal life such as baths, drinking fountains and toilets that did not require […]

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