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  DAMON DEVANI AZACA, SUSTENANCE, LONGEVITY — 2017 Glass bottle, assorted herbs and produce, paper, beads, blood, fake mustache, bottlecaps, floss Azaca is an agriculturally focused lwa widely loved for the produce he encourages. Following suit, this bottle has been stuffed with breadcrumbs, olive oil, and home-grown basil; all of which are produce in offering. […]

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Honoring the Spirit of Death and Sex

Born out of the slave trade, the Afro-Creole religion of Vodou is an amalgamation of European, Native Caribbean, and African culture. Going as far back as the early days of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Haiti has been a stronghold for vodou. Although vodou was rejected by the slave masters of Haiti due to its unifying […]

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