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Sara Gómez Biopic Treatment

SARA GÓMEZ Working Title: Through the Eyes of Sara Gómez Genre: Biopic/Drama Duration: 90 minutes Target Audience: 17-35 Male/Female. Feminists, Afro-Cubans, filmmakers, documentary and drama enthusiasts Outline: The first act will entail Sara as a young ethnography, music and film student. The second act will entail Sara as an apprentice documentary filmmaker from the early […]

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Splash of Ayida-Weddo

The first thing I wanted those who encountered my bottle to notice was the mix of colors. Originally, this bottle was a drab translucent green, and you can still see hints of that behind the layers of white, purple, and blue; my interpretation of the aesthetic of Vodou art includes building something new out of what […]

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Afro-Cuban Event

America is known as a melting pot for the reason it is the home for an eclectic group of people from all over the world with different religions, cultures, races, ethnicities, and overall beliefs. I cannot stress enough how significant it is for not only Americans, but the entire population to experience and educate their […]

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