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Artifact Analysis Summary – The Gallows

The Gallows – Suhayr al-Tall This is a unique short story that puts much of the details on the reader. Because of this, there are many interpretations of the same story. I interpreted this story as a recount of a public execution. While not quite the most pleasant topic, the story itself is certainly interesting […]

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The Sounds of Amman – A Summary

Within the Jordan’s Cultural Mosaic class, we were given the choice to analyze certain artifacts of Jordanian lifestyle which would help us understand more about the social aspect of being Jordanian. For my analysis of the Sounds of Amman artifact, the chosen approach was to assess it both historically and culturally to find a meaning […]

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Jordanian Artifact Analysis

  Pottery in Jordan For my artifact analysis I chose to examine the image of a Jordanian woman crafting ceramics. The patterns displayed on the quickly caught my attention with both the repetitive patterns and a potential religious influence- I wanted to learn more. Also curious was the woman in the image, I wondered if […]

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